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In this blog you will find useful information, guides, tips and constant updates about Microsoft Security & Compliance topics all related to the cloud.


Microsoft Entra

Protect access to any app or resource for any user, verify and secure every identity and every access request, discover permissions and govern access with Microsoft Entra.


Microsoft Defender

Prevent, detect, and respond to attacks across devices, identities, apps, email, data, workloads, and clouds with Microsoft Defender.


Microsoft Purview

Safeguard all your data across platforms, apps, and clouds with comprehensive solutions for information protection, data governance, risk management, and compliance with Microsoft Purview.


Microsoft Intune
(Device Management)

Help protect user devices against threats using Microsoft Zero Trust technology with Microsoft Intune.

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About Me

Security is not an IT problem, it is a company risk.

Hello! My name is Myron Helgering, born in 1992 and living happily in the Netherlands with my girlfriend. I started this website to share my knowledge about different Microsoft 365 security related topics in the form of technical blogs and video’s.

I have been working with Microsoft 365 products since 2013, and my main focus has been helping customers in their journey to a safe and secure environment by implementing Microsoft 365 solutions platforms like Microsoft Defender, Entra, Purview and Endpoint Manager.


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