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Myron frequently writes blog posts and guides on Microsoft Security-related topics, such as Entra, Defender, Intune, and Purview.

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Microsoft Entra logo (Identity)

Microsoft Entra
(Identity & Access)

Securely manage user identities, control access to your apps, data, and resources, and protect against identity-related security attacks with Microsoft Entra.

Microsoft Defender logo (Security)

Microsoft Defender
(Cyber Security)

Detect, prevent, and respond to attacks across devices, identities, apps, email, data, workloads, and clouds with Microsoft Defender.

Microsoft Intune logo (Device Management)

Microsoft Intune
(Device Management)

Securely manage your mobile, desktop, and virtual devices across platforms and protect your corporate data on any device with Microsoft Intune.

Microsoft Purview logo (Compliance)

Microsoft Purview
(Data Security)

Know your data, protect your data, prevent data loss, and manage the lifecycle of your data with Microsoft Purview.

About Me

Security is not an IT problem; it is a company risk.

Hello! My name is Myron Helgering, and I’ve been working with Microsoft 365 since 2013. During my day job as a Security Engineer, I assist my customers in achieving a safer and more secure work environment.

Sharing my knowledge and experiences with others gives me a lot of positive energy and  satisfaction. My contributions to the community include writing blog posts on my website, speaking at events and conferences, and co-organizing the monthly Dutch Microsoft Security meetup with 1600+ members.

Besides Microsoft Security, I live happily in the Netherlands with my (almost) wife and our rabbit called Momo. In my free time, you can find me traveling, snowboarding, or enjoying geeky activities like playing board or video games, reading fantasy books, and watching TV series.

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